Wireless Support

Welcome to our wireless support page. 

Please print the router reset, and radio reset pages that correspond to your equipment type for future reference.

(Unfortunately if you are having a problem with your wireless service, you may not be able to access this page.)

Wonderwave Internet recommends that all our clients use a battery backup to protect and maintain their computer equipment.

A battery back-up will increase the span life of all your electronic equipment, and is ideal for home entertainment systems.

WONDERWAVE INTERNET PROVIDES HIGH SPEED FIXED WIRELESS INTERNET SERVICE TO: Alden, IL - 60001, Bull Valley, IL - 60012, Greenwood IL- 60098, Harvard IL - 60033, Hebron IL- 60034, Johnsburg IL - 60051, McCullom Lake IL - 60050, McHenry IL - 60050, Richmond IL - 60071, Ringwood IL - 60072, Spring Grove IL - 60081, Wonder Lake IL - 60097, Woodstock IL - 60098, Genoa City WI 53128