Cable/Satellite Tricks and Traps

Cable and satellite TV/Internet companies have some of lowest satisfaction ratings in this country.  And yet customers continue to reward them with their business. 

Why are the prices so high and the service so bad?

The American Comsumer Satisfaction Index survey found that TV/Internet providers ranked near the bottom of the 43 industries it studied, a 7 year low.  That result followed the previous year’s survey finding that the TV/Internet industry tied for the lowest score out of all industries surveyed.

Fiber to the Garbage Bag

You've most likely have heard the expression, "A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words"  well, these pictures pretty much speak for themselves...

If you have ever wondered why telecomm service from your local WIRED telephone company was so poor, this and other installations just like it, are most likely the reason...

The attention to detail (wow!!) telco contractors are actually provided with specially made orange trash bags design to fit over the telco box... It's incredible your local phone service works at all.