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Cable/Satellite Tricks and Traps

Cable and satellite TV/Internet companies have some of lowest satisfaction ratings in this country.  And yet customers continue to reward them with their business. 

Why are the prices so high and the service so bad?

The American Comsumer Satisfaction Index survey found that TV/Internet providers ranked near the bottom of the 43 industries it studied, a 7 year low.  That result followed the previous year’s survey finding that the TV/Internet industry tied for the lowest score out of all industries surveyed.

Comcast ranks at the very bottom of... Read More

How to watch TV on the Internet

In this installment of our “Cut the Cord” blog we will talk about how you can view all the shows you want over the Internet and save up to $500/year.

All of us are dealing with the cost of everything going up and trying to get more out of the services that we already have. One bill that annoys a lot of people is their cable bill. It does not seem to be a good value to pay for lots of channels that you do not use. And the price keeps going up.

Before we get into online video streaming you should look at what is available for free over the air. If you are a casual viewer or on... Read More

Sling TV: Best of Live TV for $20 per month

Take Back Control with Sling TV.

Sling is everything you love about TV for a fraction of the price you’d expect to pay. It’s the best channels including ESPN, TNT, TBS, Disney Channel, and more for just $20/mo. It’s the latest episodes of your favorite shows and hot new movies on-demand.

Cut the Cord! Save Your Budget! Stop suffering through thousands of channels just to find nothing on TV. Start enjoying the best of live TV without the cable company. With Sling TV, there's no installation and no crazy miscellaneous fees. Just great TV, Click... Read More

Think twice before you accept Comcast's new "open" network

Over the next few months in the Chicago area, Comcast is turning on a feature that turns customer networks into public Wi-Fi hotspots. After a firmware upgrade is installed, 'visitors will use their own Xfinity credentials to sign on, and will not need the homeowner's permission or password to tap into their Wi-Fi signal'. The homegrown network will also be available to non-subscribers free for several hours each month, or on a pay-per-use basis.

Comcast claims that any outside usage should not affect the speed or security of the home subscriber's private network, but knowledge of... Read More

Fiber to the Garbage Bag

You've most likely have heard the expression, "A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words"  well, these pictures pretty much speak for themselves...

If you have ever wondered why telecomm service from your local WIRED telephone company was so poor, this and other installations just like it, are most likely the reason...

The attention to detail (wow!!) telco contractors are actually provided with specially made orange trash bags design to fit over the telco box... It's incredible your local phone service works at all.

And before you think otherwise- this is exactly as found-... Read More

How to choose a HDTV Antenna

In this installation, we will discuss how to get TV for free via an antenna on your roof.  Until 1972, cable TV was only used to get broadcast TV programming into remote areas.  After that cable companies started putting out their own programming.

Everybody used to have a TV antenna on their roofs.  I’m not sure why nearly everyone has gone to cable and satellite.  Maybe because there is perception that the digital signal is better quality.  Since June of 2009 that is no longer true.  All US TV stations now broadcast digital content using the new ATSC or digital TV (DTV) standard.... Read More

Cut the Cord

Our "Cut the Cord" blog was originally created to assist our customers, and to help them to "cut the cord" to cable. has been engineering and maintaining fixed wireless networks since 2000! In 2016 all of Wonderwave's customers using fixed wireless broadband and VOIP telephone service were transferred to, 888-782-1454. Wonderwave continues to provided managed hosting services, web site design, wireless networking, and TV antenna installation.