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The High Cost of Using Cable

Avoid The High Cost of Using Cable Services

For the price that many Americans pay for cable TV, they can enjoy a mini vacation. A digital cable package from Comcast, for example, costs $551.98 per year, just for the basics.

Comcast's high-end premium package -- complete with on-demand channels -- will set you back $1,277 annually. But you're likely to find much of the same programming by turning to a range of less expensive -- or... Read More

Avoid Fraud & Phishing Email Scams

Wonderwave Internet filters email from spam and viruses. You still may receive a "phishing" email, requesting you to verify your email account information. Wonderwave Internet did not send you this email, and we would NEVER ask you to verify your email account password in an email. Do not respond to emails looking for account information, (Internet passwords, Banking or Credit Cards). If you have responded to an email phishing request, please call our office immediately at 815-653-7873 so we can change your email account password.

For... Read More

Conflicker Worm

The wide spread of Conficker variety of malware has updated infected machines, and the authors are trying to cash in on their global botnet. Rather than instruct the worm to cause global chaos, it has started downloading fake anti-virus tools to nag users about phony infections and scam them into buying the "product". It is estimated that as many as 12 million PCs worldwide are infected. The use of bogus software to extort money from uninformed users is nothing new at all, but it can be very profitable to the individuals behind the scam and a total nightmare for anyone who falls into the... Read More

Wireless Interference: Baby Monitors

Summary of Baby Monitor Research by 3/08: Wonderwave Internet started looking for radio noise after several of our clients reported that their wireless Internet had become unreliable.  We found that the level of radio signals coming out of two houses exceeded the level of our 4 watt access point.  It turned out that both had baby monitors operating at the time.

We spoke to both manufacturers, and neither could tell us what level of power their units put out.

We did some testing of our own with a RF meter.  With a Summer Baby video monitor 3-4 feet away,... Read More

Cut the Cord

Our "Cut the Cord" blog was originally created to assist our customers, and to help them to "cut the cord" to cable. has been engineering and maintaining fixed wireless networks since 2000! In 2016 all of Wonderwave's customers using fixed wireless broadband and VOIP telephone service were transferred to, 888-782-1454. Wonderwave continues to provided managed hosting services, web site design, wireless networking, and TV antenna installation.